Training in Belgrade: “Mindfulness and emotional intelligence for parents and teachers”

Mindful center and Centre for Skills Development “Love Makes You Grow” you to join us on the training: „Mindfulness and emotional intelligence for parents and teachers“ which will be held on 3rd of June in Belgrade!

What can participants expect from this training?

This training is created for everyone who first of all want to work on their own personal development-parents, people working with children aged from 5 to 12, and want to apply this practice in their work and personal life. Program is especially designed for development of attention and concentration, perception, emotional intelligence, empathy and compassionate relationships.

Content of the training:

-4 elements of emotional intelligence : self-awareness, self –control, empathy and social skills.
-Positive functions of unpleasant feelings. Emotional regulation and self-compassion
-Introduction to Mindfulness, short theory about Mindfulness practice
-Formal and non-formal Mindfulness exercises which can be practiced by parents and teachers in their personal life, with the aim of reduction of stress, development of self-calming abilities, being more present and aware in everyday acitvities.
-Practicing experiental exercises-meditations, visualizations, attention exercises and Mindfulness program for children (awareness and concentration, perception and senses, relationships with others –compassion, accepting and recognizining emotions) .

Why children need Mindfulness and Emotional intelligence?

Influence of Mindfulness has been proved to be important in development of physical and mental calmness, which leads to better concentration and learning. Self-confidence grows, as well as compassion, patience and letting go of things which can’t be changed (acceptance). All these skills teach them to deal with short term and long term stressful situations, they become friendly not just towards others, but most importantly towards themselves, so in many schools across the world Mindfulness is used as a tool for prevention of bullying as well. Emotional intelligence is a person’s ability to identify, evaluate, control and express emotions. It helps us communicate with others, negotiate situations and develop clear thought patterns.

Time and venue of the training:

Saturday, 3rd of June from 11AM to 5PM.
Brook Hill International School
Augusta Cesarca 2, Dedinje, Belgrade

Training fee:

Training fee is 50 euros (6200 rsd) which includes: 6 hours of training, materials from the training-presentations with exercises, one mp3 guided meditation for parents and certificate of participation.

How can I apply to participate?

If you are interested in participating, you need to send an application with your full name and phone number to:
Number of participants on the training is limited.

Conditions for participation in the training:

Understanding of English language (intermediate level).


Sanja Stankovic completed master’s degree in sociology at the University of Novi Sad. She gained education within the Psihopolis Institute, Familylab Serbia and the Center for psychotherapy and group analysis, where she acquired a certificate for work in the areas of transactional analysis, organizational transactional analysis, emotional intelligence and assessment of couples and counseling couples. Sanja has life long experience in Government , private and NGO sector. She is the Co-founder of the Centre for Skills Development “Love Makes You Grow” where she create and conduct programs for personal and professional development. Moreover, she is in charge of the training and development of employees of a large Gaming company in Serbia.

Vesna Laković holds a BA in Pedagogy and Masters in Management in Education. She is a certified international Mindfulness trainer for children and teenagers in Eline Snel Method Mindfulness Matters, and certified international Mindfulness trainer for adults. She is a coach on the project Peace revolution -project of an international organization World Peace Intiative from Thailand in which she promotes meditation and mindfulness. In Familylab Serbia, which is a part of international Familylab association, she works as an education coordinator.She is an author of various trainings, workshops in the areas of personal development, mental health and non formal education for children, youth and adults

For more information please contact us at: or on phone number: 061/6226057

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