Come learn how to treat yourself with the same respect and kindness you use with others 

Are you self-critical, perfectionist? Are you judgmental towards your flaws and imperfections? On the other hand do you find that you can predominantly provide empathy, care, and understanding in your relationships with others primarily? When it comes to yourself, does it seem like you cannot extend the same care and compassion to yourself?

Allow yourself to take this moment for yourself: prevent yourself from burning out, forgetting, being tired, putting yourself in a bad mood or having that awful feeling that you are never “good enough”!
Led a happier, less stressful life!
Experience more joy and well-being and  improve your quality of life!

How can practicing self-compassion help you to feel better?

 The cultivation of self-compassion is primarily a preventive measure. Extensive study data shows that greater self-compassion correlates with increases in psychological well-being as well as decreases in anxiety, depression, reactivity, and stress reactions. In addition, individuals with high self-compassion are better able to maintain satisfying relationships as well as healthy lifestyles which, for example, include meeting goals around diet and exercise. The lack of self-compassion and harsh self-criticism has been correlated with depression, anxiety, and stress-responses like burnout. These findings suggest that by learning to meet our own needs, not only do we become more resilient and have more capacity to be there for others, we are more able to live a healthy and fulfilled life.

“Self-compassion entails being warm and understanding toward ourselves when we suffer, fail, or feel inadequate, rather than ignoring our pain or flagellating ourselves with self-criticism.”

– Dr. Kristin Neff Co-Creator of Mindful Self-Compassion program

The three core-components of self-compassion.

Pažnja ikoncentracija

Self-kindness vs. Self-judgment


Common humanity vs. Isolation


Mindfulness vs. Over-identification

Each week of the course covers a different topic; including a weekly group session of 2.5 hours each, plus an in-depth day of four to five hours of exercises. There are a number of materials that follow the topics in the form of videos, texts, journal exercises, and meditations within an online interactive platform that supports participation and facilitates communication among participants!

Weekly topics

The program includes short lectures on the psychological and neurobiological foundations of the practice as well as its application through meditation, self-awareness sessions and mindfulness exercises. Group sharing especially serves to deepen the experience of presence in the moment. Instructions include formal exercises and practices for use in everyday life.


Introductory week


Discovering Mindful Self-Compassion


Practicing Mindfulness


Practicing Loving-Kindness


Discovering Your Compassionate Voice


Living Deeply

Weekend Retreat

Time to breathe together

Retreat day from 11:00 – 15:00 pm


Meeting Difficult Emotions


Exploring Challenging Relationships


Embracing Your Life

Who are the teachers?

Vesna Laković van Kempen is from Serbia. She is a certified Mindfulness teacher, graduate pedagogue, MA in management in education. In the last 15 years, she has been involved in the work of the non-governmental sector through work with vulnerable groups, engaged in the areas of mental health, non-formal education at the national and international level. For the last seven years, she has devoted herself in promoting the values and practice of Mindfulness and Self-compassion in the Balkan region as one of the first certified teachers and an author on these topics.

More than 1000 satisfied participants!
on their mindful & compassion-based programs.

I got acquainted with the work of the Mindfulness corner center through several programs and I give a warm recommendation. I would like to single out practical exercises through which we get to know and understand ourselves better and it is easier for us to face and overcome challenging situations.

Jelena Demenesku

Jelena Demenesku


Be kind to yourself, and control your stress.

What this program includes:

In order to encourage participants to engage as actively as possible, the course consists of a range of interactive content:

  • Weekly 2.5 hours live session on Zoom together with a small group to deepen your practice
  • Weekly exercises in the form of worksheets and diaries in pdf format that can be downloaded from the platform
  • Weekly meditation in video or audio format
  • 3 months access to our online education platform that enables easier communication between the facilitator and the participants, which includes all the materials from the training
  • BONUS Extra Course Materials on our e-learning platform; after every lesson, extra bonus material can be found on the platform in the form of videos, audio materials, as well as written exercises, and journals. This makes it possible to go back to certain important and valuable lessons and go through them again 🙂



We promise you…

  • Money-back guarantee
    If you give 100% of yourself and do not get results within 14 days, we will refund all your money.
  • Available to everyone
    Don’t let money hinder your growth, if you can’t afford this, we will find a solution together
  • We practice what you preach
    We stand behind our words: if we don’t believe in it or just haven’t tried it, we won’t teach others about it either.

Course dates:

Tuesdays 7 – 9.30 pm Central European time
Retreat day on 5th or May from 11:00 – 15:00 pm

  • 27 April 1st
  • 4 May 2nd
  • 11 May 3rd
  • 18 May 4th
  • 25 May 5th
  • 1 June 6th
  • 8 June 7th
  • 15 June 8th

Prerequisite: The live sessions will be held in English via the Zoom video conferencing platform. To access, you need a Laptop, PC, or large tablet with a camera and microphone. You will receive a link to download Zoom (the first time).

Access: Once you register, you will receive access to the platform where you would be able to find all the materials, content as well as a link to the live Zoom sessions.

Price: 449 Euro that includes access to the learning platform
If you would like to join the course but the finances are an issue for you at the moment send us an email so we can discuss different payment options.


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