Vesna Laković

Vesna is the first one in Serbia and the rest of the Balkan who taught mindfulness for youth and children. She founded in 2016 her NGO Mindful centre-association for children, youth and families and worked with around 1000 people in the last 4 years. When it comes to her educational background, she is a pedagogist (educator) and master manager in education and currently in studies to become a psychotherapist, but her experience is mostly connected with working within NGO sector as a coordinator, mentor, teacher…

In Novi Sad, Serbia, Vesna is well known for her work as a Mindfulness teacher for kids & teens (based on the method of Eline Snel Mindfulness Matters) and adults (based on Mindful-Based Stress Reduction MBSR). She started her Mindfulness journey in 2014 and since the end of 2015 she has been teaching Mindfulness, providing workshops, training, one on one coaching to many people in Balkan region as well as abroad where she worked in Thailand at New life foundation (a mindful-based recovery centre) as a counsellor and Mindfulness workshop facilitator.

Spreading the idea, values and practice of Mindfulness in Serbia and the Balkan is a tough journey, because as an ex-communist country people are still quite close to the ideas of meditation and mindfulness, but that doesn’t hold me back to spread our mission. I’m surprised that we already managed to spark the interest of so many people… – Vesna

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